1. GomdoLight (곰돌라이트)
  2. ROM 자료실
  3. TOOL자료실
  4. 순정/복구 자료실

  1. GomdoLight (곰돌라이트)
  2. ROM 자료실
  3. TOOL자료실
  4. 순정/복구 자료실
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** FOR Asia_HK users, com.android.phone process stopped problem is fixed

OLDRIL을 끌어다가 와서 패치해서... 정상작동 합니다. 훕흐훕흐.



Based on 2.15.401.2 Android 4.0.4 - thanks football for always keeping us up-to-date
Deodexed, Recompressed & Zipaligned
Rooted with the latest SuperSu & binary
Persistent ADB enabled
init.d runparts support - you need to manually flash the boot.img from rom.zip via fastboot
Busybox, bash & nano
Sysrw & Sysro binaries
Launcher prioritization
Improved Ram mana-gement
Multilingual - Full WWE locales list
Interactiva AROMA Installer (Flashing routine)
CIFS & nls_utf8 support
Enhanced I/O performance
Ensured Journalism is disabled
Partition mount tuneups
EXT4 filesystem tuneups
Apps cache cleaned on boot
Faster application loading times
Bloatware FREE
Long press home for recent apps
Landscape home screen support
Screen unlock (Spin in) Animation
Fine tuned & lowered autobrightness algorithm
Fully working HTC Sense account login/creation
Stock % battery display
Scrolling caches disabled
Sony Bravia engine
Tons of optimizations
InsertCoin Tweaks App

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